Car Cleaning Tips

For many people, car cleaning is a pleasant pastime to devote to during the weekend. Others see it as a boring and tiring activity to be postponed as much as possible. Whether you belong to the first or second category, cleaning the car regularly is a fundamental operation to ensure good vehicle maintenance, both in terms of the exterior and the interior.

Always make good use of the right cleaners that will leave your car as good as new. You can try out snow foam products that will help you clean your car perfectly. The pressure washer and the vacuum cleaner are other essential tools you can use to clean your vehicles. They are quite effective.

How to Wash the Exterior of the Car With a Pressure Washer

motor cleaningA pressure washer is a machine that uses a high-pressure jet of water to remove dirt. For this reason, it is ideal for effectively cleaning large surfaces, ensuring less waste of time, water, and energy. You should therefore use it to wash your car. To obtain maximum performance, it is essential to have a specific detergent designed for pressure washers and suitable for the surfaces to be treated.

Rinse the car with a high-pressure jet: before applying the detergent, it is advisable to wet the whole vehicle to remove the most visible dirt. Keep a distance of at least 20-30 centimeters from the car’s surface while the pressure washer is running. After applying the detergent, wait a few minutes to allow the foam to act better on the dirt, but be careful not to dry out. You can use a rotating brush. Rinse the vehicle with a high-pressure water jet starting from the top and continuing downwards. Dry it using items like a smooth, clean cloth.

How to Clean the Interior of the Car With the Vacuum Cleaner

Car care is not limited to its external appearance but also concerns the interior, which must be periodically cleaned to keep them in excellent hygienic and aesthetic conditions. Focus on the dashboard, mats, compartments, and seats, which easily accumulate dirt. You can use the solid and liquid vacuum cleaner to eliminate all wet and dry dirt. Remove all the objects in the interior of your car vehcile cleaningbefore you start.

Also, remove the mats and focus on all the corners that are difficult to reach. Do everything in an orderly fashion for the best results. The rigid material parts such as the dashboard, dashboard handles, and panels can be finished by wiping a microfiber cloth together with a specific detergent. This will leave the interior of your vehicle sparkling clean.…

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